You can’t wait till you figure it out

Today the following words words of Clint Smith from his TED talk “The Danger of Silence” hit me!

“I spent so much of my life telling people the things they wanted to hear instead of the things they needed to, told myself I wasn't meant to be anyone's conscience because I still had to figure out being my own, so sometimes I just wouldn't say anything, appeasing ignorance with my silence, unaware that validation doesn't need words to endorse its existence.”

Clint Smith talks about how we all need to speak up against injustice and speak our truth.

It touched me from a different place. It always touches where it hurts the most.

It touched me with the part "I still had to figure out being my own, so sometimes I just wouldn't say anything,”

Being in a job, you don’t like, that kills your soul and not quitting it because you just did not yet figure it out is hard. Many of us just stay, seal their lips, freeze their hearts, put their heads down and work. They kill parts of them just to be able to breathe in that environment.

Figuring things out takes time but you need to start! You need to get up, talk to people, learn new skills, test new things. If financial security is important to you, you get another job that does not suck like the one you have, a job that gives you the breathing space. If you definitely need to stay, you change the way you work and create opportunities where you can explore new projects that give you joy or invent ones, take initiative, change something.

You have got to speak up. You have to speak for yourself. You have to do it even though you have not yet figured out. Get up, speak up, take one action.

Isil Uysal Calvelli

If you ask me who I am in one word, I say “Human”. If I should do it with two words, I say “Loving Human”. If I am allowed to do it in three words, I say “Loving Creative Human”

I create words, emotions, connections, energy and spaces. 

I do that through coaching, writing, speaking, podcasting and training.


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