Are you unfulfilled at work? Congratulations!

Now is the time to embark on a life-changing journey of self-discovery and your life energy.

Isil Uysal Calvelli has a mission: to let you know it's okay to not be satisfied at work and guide you on how to see your unfulfillment as a gift. When you're feeling stuck, afraid to admit you need new opportunities, or stuck in the belief cycle that making choices for yourself will disappoint those around you, a once promising career can now feel painful – a way to bring in money and not much else.

Today is the day you stop feeling like you're in a desperate reality. Here is your invitation to become your true self and live a life of abundance, fullness, and radiance. Within these pages, Isil will show you how work will become an authentic expression of your generosity and creativity.

Through personal reflections and journaling prompts, you will find meaning in your challenges and create a unique experience leading you to make new choices for your life's work. Feeling unfulfilled at work will be a part of the past and your unique self will grow through giving, receiving, and being. You will learn how unfulfillment is an invitation to undertake a new journey towards creating the work and life you love.

She shows a way to find meaning, wisdom and compassion on the job.

SUSAN PIVER - author of The Four Noble Truths of Love and founder of the Open Heart Project

“We may think that spiritual practice happens in monasteries, on mountain tops, or during retreats. To create real transformation, we imagine we have to get away from the everyday (especially work). In her generous and insightful new book, Isil Uysal Calvelli shows us that what we seek is right in front of us and that our work can be our greatest teacher. Through personal reflections from her own journey, journaling prompts, and a fresh way of looking at common problems, she shows a way to find meaning, wisdom, and compassion on the job.” 

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Janet M. Harvey

ICF Master Certified Coach, CEO of inviteCHANGE,

Author of Invite Change. Lessons from 2020 The Year of No Return

Almost everything we learn about our humanity arises from our stories, the personal and vulnerable sharing of our experience, and the story about another that imparted insight, inspiration, and wisdom to us. Isil harvests ten gifts from your storytelling. Each offers a waypoint for a person's journey to deconstruct past choices and reconstruct choices that restore meaning on the path to shaping a world where we all love our life's work. Reframe your understanding of the word ‘work.’ Take this invitation to move beyond your personal doubt about your choices, courageously choose what most matters today, and awaken your soul .

About the Author

Işıl Uysal Calvelli is a writer, meditation teacher, professional coach, and speaker. She is the co-founder of BeCoach Academy and host of the Unique Careers, Unique Lives podcast. 

She thinks, writes, and speaks about the topic of work as it had been a source of personal suffering but also an amazing catalyst of her becoming.

She now supports people experiencing unfulfillment at work to decipher the invitation to discover who they uniquely are and create their unique careers and lives.

This is an important book. Too many people go through life believing they have no other option than to accept whatever work they can get, ignoring whether their job does anything more than provide a monthly pay check. The Gift of Being Unfulfilled at Work turns the nature of this experience on its head, revealing how the things you thought were holding you back can actually be the keys to a life of freedom and fun.

Joe Barnes

author of Do The Work you Love and Escape The System

For the Stoics, the ultimate goal of life was eudaimonia, to become good (eu) with your inner daimon (divine spark). In her smart & succinct book, Isil Uysal Calvelli takes you on a self-reflective journey to get to know and establish a relationship with your inner daimon through your unfulfillment at work.

Jonas Salzgeber

author of The Little Book of Stoicism

The Gift of Being Unfulfilled at Work is a relatable and worthy addition to the self-help canon. It is also unorthodox in its presentation, keeping the reader hooked with a series of short, sharp sentences. This straightforward style makes for a work that is anything but boring! Işil goes further than just outlining the steps of the hero’s journey – she guides us on that journey, showing us life as every human being should lead it.

Andy Beck

author of folk springs eternal