Do the Work You Love.

When you do the work you love, you feel fully alive.
You contribute to the world with your energy.
Work is your creativity.
Work is your generosity.
Work is your uniqueness in service to yourself and others.
You need to do work you love. 

When you are unfulfilled at work, you are invited to create the work you love.  Get excited about the journey ahead of you with my book "The Gift of Being Unfulfilled at Work". 

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Hi, I'm Işıl!

I am a LifeWork coach, the author of the book The Gift of Being Unfulfilled at Work, the host of Unique Careers, Unique Lives podcast and the co-founder of BeCoach Academy. 

Being unfulfilled at work has transformed my life. That is why I coach, teach and write about it. Through this transformation, I've created a new definition of work:

Work is giving your full self to a cause and activity. Work is your unique contribution. Work is your unique energy materialized into an activity or -as Khalil Gibran puts it- work is your love made visible.

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