November 13, 2019

Oh I had a wonderful time yesterday in Akimbo Day!

Akimbo day was an online festival organised by the ForwardLink community, who are the graduates of Akimbo workshops. workshops by Seth Godin and team.

We were more than 300 people discovering themselves, helping each other, getting to know each other, creating value for each other and others.

Here is my post about it in LinkedIn where I explained what it was and how I felt.

It is amazing being with like-minded, visionary, high energy people. The creativity here is amazing!

Look at these personal descriptions of two moderators:

Pete is a 6″7’ periscope in the form of a human, helping others see things they can’t.
Jen is a 5″1’ stethoscope in the form of a human, helping others listen to their heart and take action.
Together, they’re The Long and The Short Of It, bringing their experience as podcasters, coaches, speakers and facilitators to generously delight, challenge and serve you.”

Who describe themselves as periscope and stethoscope? Beautiful usage of metaphors!

How would you describe yourself as a tool?

I might be a pair of funny sunglasses that makes you feel cool, quirky, funny and see and be nicely.

One of the workshops i attended was improv to show up. We were sent to Zoom rooms in pairs and asked the other person a question and counted the answers till they were 5. The question that was asked to me was 5 times you smiled yesterday: When my cat fell. -One!, When I was about to fall – two!, When I had a meeting with my role model – Three!… and so on.
At the end of the exercises we reflected on 4 things: How i feel, what I learned/ noticed, What is possible if I showed up more, what concrete action I would take

I felt super energised and challenged to find the answers but I learned that I could! i learned that I could work under pressure and still have fun and can connect with a new person in a short time through such an exercise. If i could show up more like this, I could energise people, be more creative, connect deeper and have more fun!
The concrete action I would take is to show up whenever there is the opportunity and reach out to others when I have a question or an idea.

The first workshop I attended was the 2020 goal setting workshop.
We created 4 columns on a piece of paper and put the following titles to the columns: Feelings, Visions, Habits, Goals.

How do I want to feel in 2020, What are the 3 main feelings – vision I want to have? What habits will I create for each of these visions and what will be my goals regarding these habits.

So here is my work:

I could not finish my goals there, neither could I finish the habits.

For artist here is my habit:

Non negotiable weekly artist date
write this blog every day
Write morning pages every day
meditate every day

For being free here is my habit:
Financial planning every week, month and year
Weekly time planning
Automatising repetitive tasks
Bundling work

For Open Arms:
Always being honest
Sharing my anger/ frustration/ gratitude as soon as I can for deeper connection
Raising my hand when opportunity comes

My goals:

All of these habits are goals too.
On top I want to reach to PCC level in coaching
I will set a financial goal
I will release my online course and have my coaching programme running

The workshop ended with the following words:

To be responsible, keep your promises to others. To be successful, keep your promises to yourself.” – Marie Forleo

We started another workshop with the following question:

What is it like being you right now?

Very interesting question: i told how it felt in my body, and what was going on in my mind and in my heart.

A lot of people wrote they were hungry:)

The last workshop i attended was about scaling our vision and these were the questions:

You take a project.

What do you love about the project?
What is the annoyances about this project?
What ideas do you have to 10x this project?
What one action you will take right away?

My project is my online course.

What do I love about it:
I can bring my humour to it, be creative, make a difference, it enables connection and creativity. I don’t know how it will be. It is exciting. It is my creation. It can be goofy. It is honest, 100% real, no bullshit.

My annoyances about it:
Length. No time plan. Not sure how it will look like. Not sure about the reaction of the people. Not sure if it will earn me moment.

while writing this I realised: it has zero limits, it is all me. Come on, I can make it happen. Really! Things got real guys!

Ideas to 10x:
Do it again
Celebrate steps
I love speaking and I will think of it as a speaking project and as love act
I can write and narrate stories and dance in it.
I can 100% decide myself on what i want

I am making it my #1 priority
I will work on it every day
set a deadline and meditate on the idea.

Yesterday I had a coaching session and I thought it went weird. It was less structured and I was from time to time not fully present. I was influenced by the coaching session I watched yesterday of David Peterson. It was all about bringing the goal to a specific action, zooming in to that, zooming out and zooming in again. And the topic of the session was very emotional. It was related to what i wrote yesterday about. How we make stories. My coachee wanted to stop making stories. The goals should be positively stated. Okay you wanted to stip that what do you want instead. Instead of asking it right away I walked into exploring what happened step by step. And in between somewhere i asked what is the ideal situation, when you don’t make stories, what happens. She said I listen. All right. And we explored how she will realise she is making stories and how she will come back to listening. That sounds very simple when I write it but it was messy when we were talking. I think there was space but my energy had a bit of uncertainty. bringing it to where we are now and how we go can keep me grounded. Being in the moment. Good learning and good learning about the positivity of the goal. What is the outcome you want to create.

Yesterday I had headache all day. I am happy that i could let it be and not create more aches around why I have this headache. I saw that going in the fresh air really helps and boy it is fresh here!

Munich is 0 degrees. I am loving it!

We humans lose a lot by closing ourselves to indoors. What a great thing to be outside! Okay this goes to my habits. Spending time in the outdoors everyday. At least half an hour.

Recently I ignored exercise and am sitting for longer times at my desk. Backpain is starting to emerge. Ooooh- ooh another habit. Exercise in the calendar as priority. I know it is important!

Here is a beautiful visual from one of the workshops yesterday. Our brain is full of stuff. What helps? Putting it down: brain dump – on a paper. Then soothing them out. What will not be done, throw. What will be saved, what will be scheduled. what will be done right away and then do a few things.

Then this person that is trying to not drown (which is you) will find space to exist!

Let’s create space for ourselves !


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