February 5, 2019

Today was a good day. First time in my life, I went downstairs and took a 15 minute walk just to listen a short podcast. I wanted to listen to it, why do it sitting? I went out and the beautiful morning greeted me with its freshness, its sunlight and shiny snow on the ground. Then a passerby smiled at me with a huge bright beautiful smile. What a nice thing to be the receiver of this smile I thought, being out was being among people and that always makes me happy. 

I read a beautiful story today at the instagram account of @Mindfulnesshareketi (a mindfulness organization from  Istanbul, Turkey). The story’s name is The Dot, written by Peter H. Reynolds. It is about a school boy who could not draw. So the teacher says “Just make a mark and see where it takes you”.  The boy jots a dot. The teacher asks him to sign it. The next time the boy enters the class, the dot he drew is hanging on the wall behind the table of the teacher. The boy starts drawing new dots, different dots with different sizes and colors and becomes a painter. In one of his exhibitions a child approaches him to say “How beautiful are your paintings! I can’t even draw a line. Our painter gives the child a pen and paper and asks him to try. The child draws a line. Our painter takes the drawing and asks the child to sign. (You can see a beautiful narration of this story). The instagram account asked “If you would start with a dot, where would that take you?” But why use “would”? A better question for me is “Which dots I want to draw and sign?” 



I was waiting for a document to be sent to start a process and today I realized that I had it all along. I “assumed” it. I guess occasionally, if not regularly I assume certain “limitations”. I was reminded of it today. I will doubt my limitations. 

Fabio worked from home today. We had lunch and went for a short walk. The sun was shining also then. I said “What a beautiful day!”. He said the weather will be bad again tomorrow. It is neither good or bad I said. The weather is the weather. We label people, things, happenings, emotions as good and bad and we suggest ourselves to feel in certain ways. Let’s also doubt our labels. I choose to be curious. I am curious how the weather will be. How I will feel. I am curious about tomorrow.

Good night!

Munich, Feb. 05 2019, 00:57 


P.S. I just realized I started this post saying today was a good day and finished saying let’s not call things good or bad. Oh well. When they are good let’s call them good and when they feel bad, let’s question it then, shall we:)

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Isil Uysal Calvelli

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