February 3, 2019

It is so easy to find yourself in deep shit. It might be financial problems, it might be break up with your lover, it might be family problems or health problems. At times it might feel really tough. 

You can get angry at the world, at others, at yourself. You may feel guilty. You may feel helpless. You may even pity yourself.

What are you telling yourself in this moment? That what you live is shit and it is bad. 

That is one way of looking at things. How does that support you to live with it and work your way out of it?

That way of thinking does not empower me at all. It leaves me with negative feelings that take my energy away.

Instead I (will) choose to look at it as an invitation (not yet there but getting) An invitation to something bigger that I cannot grasp right now. An invitation to a new world, a new me. Whatever is happening, it is not happening to me but happening for me. 

Well not only for me. When I will be changed through this invitation, I will become stronger, wiser, richer and that will influence people around me and generations after me.

The life invites me and I accept, I am honored. I take a few steps, not much happens. But there is no place for disappointment because I can only see part of the reality, I cannot know what ripples does my action create.

Keep on doing what you believe in, the moment will come. Like Freddie Mercury’s joining the Queen (back then Smile) and getting famous after having worked in manual jobs… Or the story in the beautiful La La Land where Mia invests all her money to rent a theatre to showcase her self-written, directed and acted theatre play. She acts her heart out. When the play ends, she sees that there are only couple of people sitting in the audience. She sees it as a failure. What she did not know was there was a casting agent in the audience which later calls her for a role which leads her to fame in acting. Well this one is not a true story, but it could be.

Whatever you experience now, there are millions of people experiencing a similar problem and there were millions of people who had experienced the same problem and solved it. You are not alone and there is hope. 

Hang in there champion, believe in yourself and take the steps!

About the author 

Isil Uysal Calvelli

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