Speaking at ICF Portugal in the International Coaching Week

International Coaching Week is a global celebration of coaching. Coaching Communities around the world organize meetings to inform public about the power of coaching.

In my book The Gift of Being Unfulfilled at Work, I mention coaching as one of the 3 piece suits. As the journey of creating work you love can involve obstacles, support is needed. Coaches hold the highest space of support. That is one reason to speak at International Coaching Week.

The Second reason has to do with the title. The title of this year is "Reimagine The Future". Currently work is a hot topic. People are resigning from their jobs, it even has a name "The Big Resign". People are lacking meaning. People are reporting burn-out. Work is an important topic to change the future. If we need healthy futures we need to talk about work.

You can join this talk by signing up here.

Isil Uysal Calvelli

If you ask me who I am in one word, I say “Human”. If I should do it with two words, I say “Loving Human”. If I am allowed to do it in three words, I say “Loving Creative Human”

I create words, emotions, connections, energy and spaces. 

I do that through coaching, writing, speaking, podcasting and training.


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 Transform Unfulfillment at Work into Self-Discovery

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