October 22, 2019

Where am I in my life story?

This morning I meditated for 1 hour for the first time. And the reason I wanted to meditate so long was the feeling I had before I started meditation.

I found my mind running like crazy planning all the things to do and thinking even the next step and next next step of these to dos. Whatever I wanted to do was not enough. I had to do more. More. More.

Oooooh. Slow down cowboy. Let’s sit here together.

I wanted to give my mind and myself the rest and the space. And let everything in and stay with them.

After the meditation ended, I found myself asking what for. What for does this all serve. Doing is good but it can keep you busy and you might lose the sense of why you were doing these things in the first place. What is my biggest picture?

My biggest WHY is to live as a human. That means for me really living. Bringing my full being to every moment: feeling, sensing, living.
Reflecting on these feelings. Connecting with other human beings. Feeling gratitude for all these experiences.

To feel gratitude reflecting is important. Writing is a great way of reflection for me. And if I am lucky, it might also be a source of connection. If someone reads what I write feels it speaks to them a new connection can be established or deepened.

I told you what I want for myself but I also wish for other people and the world. I want all of us to feel we are okay. We are good. We will be okay. And we will be good. I want to support decrease the suffering and transcend it to connection and joy. My mediums for it is to sharing my own experience of suffering and transcending, hearing other people and supporting them via coaching, bringing people together to support their co-sharing and co-creating for transcending their suffering and being okay and from there feeling gratitude and joy.

In this context my tools are my words, my presence, my podcast, my two blogs, my own energy, our academy…

And that is all there is.

That is a lot.

That is good.

Let’s start.

About the author 

Isil Uysal Calvelli

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