September 27, 2019

I feel blessed that I had the support of my friends, my family, my communities to work on things that matter. And a big milestone was achieved yesterday. Sharing my work with the world. It is not my work only. I am providing the space so that stories of beautiful people can be heard and new stories of other people can be written.

I am very happy.

I was planning to work on my online course and launch it but the excitement was so high for this podcast I just wanted to give it a channel to outburst. I know it will impact all the other work i do positively.

Now I have a lot of ideas but I also feel I need to take more mindful moments. I will be taking 10 minutes of meditation before commencing important work.

I met with Maja for lunch and a short co-working session. I was late at the place as I was posting in social media about the launch of the podcast.

We had a wonderful lunch and talked about how difficult it is to promote your work. And also talk about yourself and your work. I agree but also not at the same time. Coming from a family and a culture where being humble is highly valued it makes it difficult to talk about myself and my work. And we are told not to ask. (I had written something about asking back then – let me bring it here:

I think the big question is: Who do you work for? What change you want to create with your work?

When your work is about someone else’s transformation, you have no way but try to reach them.

Tell them you understand how they feel, show them a new vision, a new way of being and doing and invite them to walk there together. You are asking them to take your hand. But your hand is a giving hand. In other words, you are asking to be able to give. You are asking and receiving and the person who will give to you is also going to receive.
You are doing something sacred. You are doing it not for only for yourself but for the other person that you want to serve.

People are online. They are filling out their time, trying to entertain themselves when other things in their life is not maybe so much fun. They are reading and watching a lot of content and they will keep on doing that and sustain their not-happy living with this additional life support. (one of them)…. unless they receive the invitation, they SEE, they act. You can be the one who starts this. Your action, your words, your presence. You do it for them, not for yourself.

I am saying it but for me it also takes practice and i am working on it.

It is that time of the year where people celebrate life with beer:Yes it is Oktoberfest. And I went there yesterday for the first time this year. It was fun to be with friends and to be merry with some sips of beer but it made me sleepy and tired and even though one day passed, I still feel that way. I think people with inspiring projects should stay away from alcohol to save their energy, and I will do that for the upcoming days until next Saturday where we have friends visiting to go to Oktoberfest.

We had a wonderful webinar for BeCoach Academy. It started weirdly as my presentation did not go full screen. I fixed it while talking with the guests. And during the presentation my screen was covered with the names of participants, so I asked them to read the covered text for me. I noticed at some point of the webinar the the iron table was in my background, I covered it with my head. And in between my cats were miaowing. I did not panic. I mentioned all these (Except the iron table) and laughed at them with the participants. This is life. Coaching is dancing in the moment so could we in the webinar.

I felt really good about our webinar. I felt I could answer their questions and share what the coaching is about.

After the webinar we went again to Oktoberfest (As we could stay short due to the start time of my webinar). It was too late. Music finished. Fabio wanted to see his friends but couldn’t find them. We ate chips, walked around, had some photos, felt the mood of the place and came back home.

It was a good day!

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Isil Uysal Calvelli

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