March 5, 2019

I celebrate my commitment

My body is the only physical thing I truly own. I am not a great care taker – if you’ve been to my apartment you would know. But my body is not just mine. My body enables me to speak, to feel, to connect, to transmit thoughts and energy to the world and everyone around me. My body empowers my mind, strengthens my thoughts, take action on my deepest values and purpose. My body is not just mine. It is earth’s, it is world’s. And I am committed to treat it the best way possible. 

I took one good step today. It might be a little step for the world, but a big one for me.

I treated myself lunch in an Indian Restaurant today. I have been sick since some days and I deserved a treat, definetely!. When I ordered, I said please no rice for me. They brought it anyway and I sent it back. I ate my food without the rice. I want to celebrate. That is an evidence of my commitment.



Fabio and I signed up for the online course of LifeBook. LifeBook helps you to set up your life vision in 12 categories. And the first category is Health and Fitness.  I took photos of the quotes that touched me.

I feel the quote above very motivating and supporting my view. I am grateful for my body and I will express my gratitude to the cosmos who has given me this body and keep it fueled and energised by taking care of it. 

Unfortunately we only get aware of how important health is when we lose it. As I did recently. While my body was sick, my mind did not work either. I always prioritized my mind over my body, but body carries the mind. the intelligence and mind cannot be put into use when the body is sick.


I recently watched the documentary Heal on Netflix. It tells about how psyche is causing us to get seek and how we don’t treat our pscyhe to heal but run to medicine to treat the symptoms. It shows some work of healers and how they help you get in touch with the emotions, or thoughts that created the sickness.

I do believe our bodies have the power to heal and our bodies follow orders of our mind. We give a lot of orders every second consciously or unconsciously. We say run! Hide! Kill! The body listens. 

It can be a thread but also an opportunity, because you can give positive orders and renew your body, keep it healthy and fit. 

There was a research done with people who survived terminal illnesses. The following were what they did.

All the items above our doable. I am commiting to 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7,8 and 9. I am not sure about herbs and supplements yet, I might look into that later but I am definitely implementing the others. Now. 

What about you?

About the author 

Isil Uysal Calvelli

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