December 11, 2019

I realised I feel things about things.

When I listen to something, when I watch or read something. I feel its impact as an energy. I used to stop myself to find the right words and proof of why I feel like this but I realised to be able to communicate the feeling it gives me is the gift I can give to other people. So yesterday in the supervision session I was giving I told the coach that I will first share with him how I feel and then go to details. It was the first time I did it. It felt good. I asked the coach if that made sense, he said it was valuable to have a visual description about the impact. I also felt good about it.

This self discovery is magical, it is an ongoing process, it has something to do with you being open and accepting feedback and it has a lot to do with people around you.

Did you know I thought I had a really funny voice till… I don’t know this year?

This year in Toastmasters after a speech my evaluator told me I had a beautiful voice. I was so surprised, I couldn’t believe it. She told me that again after another speech. And now that I have a podcast, while I was editing the podcast at home, my husband Fabio told me how beautiful my voice was. And I also heard it. I also liked it. For 30+ years I had thought I had a funny voice. It is so beautiful to reconnect with my voice and to appreciate it to communicate my thoughts and feelings.

I am grateful for the people around me, I am grateful to my The Podcasting Fellowship community. I am grateful to BeCoach Academy and students who are open for experiments, who are open for feedback, who are invested in their growth, in each other’s growth and our growth.

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Isil Uysal Calvelli

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