November 10, 2019

I feel I am in love with love right now. I don’t know where this comes from, doesn’t really matter. I feel butterflies in my stomach. I see the world with big child eyes and say WOW. I sing, I dance. I am loving it.

Yesterday I had one and half hours walk. Where I could feel all the energy.

I for a moment understood why people love being in love- that had always felt like a famous-person thing to me – it had always given me the feeling that people waste beautiful relationships just because a feeling faded away and keep chasing the next person to feel this way again. I could now relate to this because it felt so good.

But my feeling did not have a direct target – a target to be conquered. consumed, made my own. What a big gift that was. And I thought that gift is available to all of us. All of us – anyone falls in love can let go off the thought that comes with it – which says i need to make this person/ thing mine and have it all. No. We can feel this feeling – just feel it. And maybe it would be possible for us to expand what we have like a rainbow. So beautiful.

I have noticed my need for variety though food decreased significantly – and I tend to reach out to healthy food which also tastes better. I want juicy salads, vegetables. spicy home cooked meals rather than crisps and cookies. I feel it has something to do with letting go of the diet control. I am curious to observe further.

I turned on music yesterday for dancing. I wanted something slow and emotional. I asked Google to play something. The music reminded me of Norah Jones and I remembered this song. How beautiful is this! Let this be the closing song of this post.

Stay with love!

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Isil Uysal Calvelli

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