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March 4, 2019

I had just started writing. And I had promised to write everyday. But see it did not happen. YET.

I find it very important not to generalize. Especially when we do something that is not totally in line with what we wanted to do. We can always change the course of things. That’s why:YET.

So right now it is 15:12, I still have lots of things to do but I decided to take a time off and to write here: write my learnings of the day so far:

I went out in the morning and it worked great. When I start the day at home I can get lazy and relaxed and sometimes it depresses me as I am alone and I see the same things I always see (and the same things some times might be the mess of the house – not tidy YET house). I went out to a nice cafe and had a draft for my speech. That worked great.

The draft of my speech did work less great than I expected. I am used to very inspiring writing moments. When I write the rest magically follows. It did not this time (YET), that was a good learning. I still have time to write second, third fourth, thousandth drafts. And that might be an opportunity too: an opportunity to get new ideas. 

I had a beautiful healthy lunch : lentil soup, which I have been having the third time consecutively. I am not bored. I am glad I cooked an enourmous amount so I did not have to cook for two days.

I was sick the last 3 days and I was a changed person. I wasn’t me. Now i am getting back to who I am. I have more energy. I can think, I can sit, I can speak, I can enjoy! Oh joy was quite missing. Thank god I am back at my feet. My learning: rest when the body says so. I was exhausted last week but I did not give myself the space: neither space for my body, nor for my mind and spirit. And voila: the body took over and ordered the rest! Sorry body! Sorry mind. We will cooperate from now on. See: I took time off and am reflecting on my day. This should be a good step, ain’t it? I’ve always wanted to use ain’t it.

I have a project called Younich. If you haven’t heard about it, you can head to younich.com to learn a bit. I want to support people change careers or come to positions where they can be truly,naturally, authentically themselves and change the world in their unique ways. 

I wanted to launch an online course: first a pilot, than a real one. My first trial did not go well and then came other projects and I put it aside. But I do not want to give it up. I believe in my cause and I see a lot of people need that. I am going to start back.

In my coaching sessions I hear people telling “I should be realistic.”, “I am old.”, “I have too generalist – experience.”, “My profile is difficult to sell”, “Because of my past experience I always get the same job offers in the same sector, but I want to change, how can I change?”, “I don’t know how to introduce myself.”, “I don’t want any more stress like I had in my last job”. There are so many limiting beliefs . Beliefs about ourselves and beliefs about ours. We don’t even try just because we have these beliefs. 

We just need to set a vision, define the path, find people and resources that can support our vision and take action. We can put our beliefs on hold, create new ones, strengthened the new ones with experiences and empower ourselves on the way. I am convinced that it is possible to do work you love, in a culture that fits you, in the conditions you desire. I am convinced.

So let’s go, collect evidence from others, from ourselves and take action.

Let’s go!

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Isil Uysal Calvelli

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