September 30, 2019

I went to gym even though I did not feel like it. Feeling not like it is not really a reason to do or not to do something. Thank god I learned that a bit and I went.

It had been 2 weeks and I approached cautiously. I kept my weights moderate, I focused on the posture and technique. It went quite well. My body did not forget in two weeks. It was a pleasant experience. I felt lively.

And our Sunday ritual followed after the gym: the brunch. By the brunch I saw a lady reading magazines and I also got myself one. It was Cosmos or something like that. I read an interview and turned 40 pages to find something that interests me. Half of the magazine is about fashion and looks and I realised that they don’t really give me joy, it is the human stories that does. And I got some!

First I saw someone I know in the magazine: a lady who attended our workshop last season was featured in real life love stories. She was telling how she met her husband on a plane and how they just got their baby recently. That was such a nice surprise.

Then the next one was about stories of #yachtgirls. The article was sharing talks with some ladies who have model profiles on Instagram and who finance their lives through attending yacht parties as escorts or party girls. Assistants of rich men like sheiks get in contact with these ladies and agree on all the details in advance, details like how many times there will be sex, how it will be (there were terms like girlfriend experience), who is paying the traveling cost and so on. One ex yacht girl opened a school to teach new ladies how to be the best yacht girls. Wow!

The rest of the day was easy. I caught up with some work. I wrote. I meditated. I washed clothes. We went out for an ice-cream. I finally collected the invoices.

I wanted to stay hungry, I couldn’t.

I had watched a talk of Sadhguru where he was sharing how important it was to keep your stomach empty to have more energy.

I couldn’t.

I felt like I was dying! I felt in panic mode!

I know I am not dying. But the feeling of hunger was too uncomfortable.

I ate.

I ate good and I did not make myself too full.

I ate two eggs and a bit of vegetables at 6pm.

I slept at 12 and woke up at 5 am.

Keeping the stomach empty already showed its effect!

I watched this talk of Sadhguru too and I liked it.


I guess we all know what is the right thing.

It is not “liking or not liking”.

What is needed?

Do that.

About the author 

Isil Uysal Calvelli

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