August 25, 2019

The second digit from the right of the number of days to go changed today. Now we are at the 19580th days of the days I will write. Wow, a milestone.

Today I realized how fast time goes. I woke up early, did meditation, gave food to the cats and wanted to go out to eat something and write. But then Fabio woke up and I waited for him to go together.

The plan was to have breakfast together, I would write, he would do his meditation and then we would go to the gym.

But in reality I just had time for breakfast and very few time for writing.

About breakfast:

I was dreaming of something with raisins for breakfast today. When I went to the bakery I saw the pastries with raisins and they were too creamy and too sugary, they were screaming “bad for your health”. So I chose another pastry with nuts instead. But as I started to eat it, I tasted its exaggerated sweetness and also the buttery feeling of the pastry. I did not like what I ate so I stopped eating it after a couple of bites. Well done! (Instead I ordered breakfast at McDonalds – the picture above – which they gave wrong so Fabio ate the eggs with bacon and I ate bread with butter)

I noticed at the cashier the flyer about jobs at Mc Donald’s. I found it very interesting. It says “We don’t do everything well, but many better. Believe it or not.” It felt like McDonalds knows we judge it, we have bad conscience to come here and it admits that they are not always good. But they are good at serving and offering work. And then they ended with a dare – believe it or not. Very honest, very provocaive.

In the gym I realized I became much stronger than when I first started. I had a lot of prejudice about weight lifting exercises, now I am loving them. But what makes the real difference is that I do it in a group I guess. The group dynamic is motivating. The group keeps you coming back. That’s why it is so important to have your community. It is my purpose to create close knit communities and I need to work on keeping and cultivating the ones I have.

I kept away from my phone today. What a nice space opened for me. I also kept away from mindless video watching. Instead I read my book, the anger one. I am in love with it. Reading this book IS meditating. Thanks for this book.

Today is Sunday and I want to plan my week ahead and evaluate my past week.

Let’s start with the evaluation:

I found enormous energy drawing my vision. What I felt I missed are regular actions and milestones. I want to set high goals and follow them up.

I reached out to people and acknowledged them, thanked them, showed up. Even if I did not hear back from some of them or even if there was  not reciprocity it made me feel good. I see there is so much I can do to give something and I will keep on doing it.

I loved the idea of taking time and writing letters from the book I am reading. It is a meditation on your love and appreciation to the person. I will practice that.

I realized I enjoyed the recording, i am excited about the podcasting. I am looking forward to the journey.

I loved the webinars, I think I could follow up a bit better with people. I postponed writing the newsletter thinking I did not have much to share but I did, it was just fear stopping me. I am aware of my fear, my lovely fear but I made a promise to walk this path and that means I will walk with you and I will walk, not stop.

I did spend a lot of time doing unproductive things. I am not talking about sleeping or resting, I am talking about unconsciousness YouTube’ing. That did not help me relax and took away time from things that are important, plus filled my head with a lot of things. I want my head space. I love moments of silence, I love reading.

A topic that came frequently this week was community. I want to invest more in my communities and create a new one. This is one of my plans: to create a community that support each other for career and life change. I want to enrich it with content and support people with coaching.

I believe in coaching and I want to invest in myself being a better coach. I will set goals for my next credential. I believe I will be a better human and serve better when I invest in my coaching skills.

I was brave to go for the speech this week and I was brave to rewrite my speech in the last minute and do it. I see that I am creative. I can deepen my concentration and come up with new ideas. I would love to use this skill for great purposes to benefit people.

I softened towards some sides of mine and I think I created a new awareness about my relationships with other people. I noticed I had an effort not to be like some people in my life but I was actually being them. I am them. 

I had a lighter than usual pain this month and I think it is because of meditation practice. I love this practice and want to keep on doing it.

I did not do great with writing these posts, my enjoyment dropped highly when I had to do three of them together. Instead writing during and at the end of the day would be so much beneficial for me. For brain dump, for learning, for remembering.

Ok, what is going to happen next week:

As i said, GOALS! My goals for what I want to create and share with the world.

My goal about my coach development.

These two are the biggest goals.

Ongoing processess that I need to plan weekly:

What I will share on social media and with subscribers of BeCoach Academy

What I will share with Younich community.

Managing my finances

Checking emails

Toastmasters clubs

And I have two projects: social media management for BeCoach Academy and our students interviews for BeCoach Academy. I approach the students for that this week.

I put appointments to  my calendar: first one the goal setting, the second one sports, the third one meeting with my friend.

Then I went on and completed the first task: social media plan. It feels great having competed that.

I am looking forward to a great week!

About the author 

Isil Uysal Calvelli

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