August 25, 2019

It is Sunday 25th of August and I am writing about the 24th of August, which already feels too far in the past but it isn’t.

That tells me actually that I would benefit from writing (and maybe you do) if I wrote it while my thoughts and feelings were warm. 

Ideally I see it as a great way to end the day, putting everything on paper, let go off everything of the day and get excited for the next day to come, I see that I wrote too long and probably too many details in the last 7 days which would make writing at night challenging because I would feel sleepy. 

I see that I need to shorten what I write and it is a challenge for me because it requires to focus on what is important. I feel I am very interested in the details and I have not worked the muscle of letting go of trivial things and focusing on the important. So I see it as a nice learning for me.

So far for the next days.

Saturday was a relaxing day. It started with a webinar which again had 1 participant who I had heard the name of but never got to meet so I was very happy I had the chance. I felt coaching was something she would like to pursue and support her and I liked her and would love to have her in our course but it is she who will decide. 

After my call we went out for lunch. I wanted to go with tram because I wanted to see the city and people. Fabio agreed but apparently he did not want to see things other than his book. He also put his earbuds in and tuned out.  I thought we were spending time together. I had to admit that I also looked at my phone half of the journey. What a waste of beautiful time. 

Fabio reading seriously. (He is listening to audiobook and reading at the same time. Weird isnt't?)

I had a wonderful stand up lunch with the “gozleme” and ayran I bought from the Turkish supermarket and Fabio had doner from the supermarket too. Yep, it is a weird supermarket:)

Then we walked to our usual shopping mall and bought our cats some food. I felt already too tired so we rested on the couch there.

I loved the view look at it.

On our way was the St. Paul’s church. We have always seen it from Theresienwiese, where Oktoberfest is held but we never went in. We should have! And we did.

The church surprised me. It was full of visuals. There was an art exhibition.

There were pictures on the walls, some tomato artwork on the columns and a robot priest at the confession booth. I found it very cool. I also looked through the flyers and saw that they have a meditation group that meets weekly in a room of the church. I liked it.


After the shopping center Fabio wanted an ice cream so we walked to the famous ice cream shop in Westend “Punto Gelato”. I told him he said it was too sweet last time but he did not listen to me, bought it and said “It is too sweet.” Let’s see what happens next time when he wants to eat there again. 

Westend is a really nice neighborhood of Munich. It is very central, it has a lot of cafes, bars, restaurants and it has its charm. Now there is also something new that the city is trying out, something called “Parklets”. These are small parks that are installed in the place of cancelled parking spots. There are sitting places, a bookshelf, a table, plants to take care of. It looks beautiful, I wish I took a picture. We learned about this because we were stopped on the street by a pollster who was conducting the interview for the city. 

After some long walk and Fabio’s complaints we arrived to the place where I wanted to bring him. A greek bar where they serve frappe and water, like in Greece. I love this place. And the frappe is really nice. It looks like volcanoes or chemical reaction. It is not visible in the video but bubbles are coming from the ice-cubes. Beautiful! I love little beauties like this!

After our coffee we took the Ubahn and came to our neighbourhood. The weather was nice, I did not want to go home, we sat in the park and read our books.

This park is a funny place. On one side of it there are drunk people gathering. This side is covered by some trees and plants therefore they get a bit of privacy and do not bother other people. Other people are mostly parents and children because there are swings and slides in the other part. This time we also saw someone lying on the grass next to the children’s park. The person had brought blanket and pillow from home and looked very comfortable: sleeping in the park, it is interesting. And so we started singing. Sleeping in the park: it’s so inviting, sleeping in the park, it’s so disgusting, sleeping in the park, where people are druuuuunk! (Sing like Sinatra – Strangers In the night) We tried to write the song but did not finish. I will write it today. Nice creative exercise:)

I am reading as I mentioned before the book of Thich Nhat Hanh about Anger : “Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames” and I am loving it. It repeats itself quite often but the stories and the way it speaks touches my heart. I cried many times because of all these softness, the emotions, the understanding, the acceptance. I believe in being Bodhissatva. I believe we all have Budha inside of us, we have love, acceptance, power inside of us. We are not separate from each other, we are in everyone and everything and everything and everyone are in us. Therefore whatever we experience is experienced by the others and whatever others experience, we experience it too. We can live our lives in a way that we connect to the wisdom, we connect to others, we decrease the suffering of others and we can cultivate connection and love. Anger is a way to connection. It is an energy that can be transformed. It is there to understand how one suffers so that when we meet someone angry we can listen to them, understand them, help them to transform their anger. I love it.


I was very tired from all day’s walking and spent the rest of the night just lying on the sofa and watching videos aimlessly. Which was actually a pity. Because I could sleep or read instead but these are old strong patterns I have. What I can do is bring more consciousness to them and do something, a little something different next time.

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Isil Uysal Calvelli

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