September 8, 2019

Wow 21 days has passed! I am more convinced about the importance of sharing and this experiment laid the foundations for that. I now need for more interaction. I think I will also be more active on social media.

This was quite a nice day. A wonderful day!

I had a long meditation. Then Fabio and I went out for a brunch. Muse was playing in the restaurant: “They will not force us, They will stop degrading us, They will not control us, We will be victorious”, I love this song and I sang along! Fabio got some “beautiful shots” of me.

They will not control us!

And I get to see other beautiful sides of me through his photos

If you still did not understand, I love eating. I enjoy it, really enjoy.

When you see the photos taken of yourself when you were not aware you notice parts of you that you don’t know. Such as me being very serious when I work and even frowning. see below. 

there is another one like this

When writing I look a bit less serious, at least there is no tension between my eyebrows.

I was preparing the questions for the interview of the day. 

And one photo I asked from him to take when I was aware and the one above came out. I liked it. I like the colours.

My interview was with Heeren, one of our graduates from BeCoach Academy. He was generous to offer us the office of Mindspace , where he works to shoot the video. I told him I want something authentic, I will not give the questions in advance, I will probably also not use the list I have. I am curious about your experience and we will have an authentic conversation. And that is what we did. It was lovely!

I loved watching him think, feel what it meant and then put it into words. There is something magical when you pose a question and observe the other person filling the space with their magic, intellect, beauty. That’s also why I love coaching and that is also why I will enjoy podcasting. I wish I took a photo of us three coming together for the interview.

One strange thing happened while we were leaving the place. A guy was anxiously moving right and left, we asked him what he was looking for, “Toilet” he said. We told him there was one in the space where he just left, Heeren opened back the space and moved to show him where the toilet was located but the guy left already. We saw him turning around the big co-working space. He did not even notice we were there to help him. Or maybe he assumed we wouldn’t – he believed noone would or he wouldn’t so he just went on to do  the same tour he did before. We said okay and left. What offers of help or connection are we not accepting because of our beliefs about how things are?

I loved our time together. I wanted to record an interview with Angel for the podcast and a dialog for the BeCoach Academy but I felt consumed off of energy. I did not understand why. We rode on the same Ubahn with Angel and I left with her, where we had a beautiful chat about being vulnerable, sharing your journey with others and living life with the non-EU passport and of course the impossible requirements of getting one. I felt grateful for our chat and went to the shopping mall to buy food for the cats.

Fabio joined me in the mall, we had dinner and left for home. Now I was feeling really week and also started sneezing. Oh, I got cold! 

And maybe how I felt in the past two – three days – this sadness, maybe it was also the initial signals of the sickness and not a real sadness? Wow. I knew it was important to feel how it feels and drop the story but I made  the story and continued it.

By the time we arrived home I wanted nothing but a herbal tea and my bed. And that was what I got.

Take care of yourselfs dears!

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Isil Uysal Calvelli

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