August 29, 2019

Wednesdays are always full.
Usually we have our regular BeCoach Academy Team meeting and I have the Toastmasters meeting. After Toastmasters meeting, we go out for drinks and arrive home close to midnight. Thursdays I feel tired.

This day was not very different.

It was an Isar-Speak Toastmasters day (I am in two clubs which meet every second Wednesday, so every Wednesday I am at a Toastmasters meeting, odd numbered weeks belong to Prostmasters, even numbered weeks belong to Isar-Speak Munich).

In the last meeting our sergeant at arms (the officer who is in charged of meeting organisation) told us that the forms had finished. I was on holiday and could not help with that so I thought I’d prepare some forms and print them. I tried to find the format of the forms from Prostmasters and went to library to print. First, the printer did not work. I moved to the next printer I made it work. I checked the prints and saw the logo of the other club. Shoot! I opened my computer, found the website that enabled to edit pdfs, deleted the other club’s logo, wrote the name of the new club, saved the doc. I put the usb to the printer to print but there was no file! I ejected the usb, open my computer again, saved the file on USB, ejected the USB from my computer, put it in the printer and pressed print. Nothing came. The printer did not recognise the new file. So I went back and added the old version of the files and printed them.This whole thing took like one hour and I was hungry, and I was tired and I was thirsty and I had to pee. But somehow I kept my cool. I was proud of myself.

I then went to the cafe where I had an appointment with Angel. We hadn’t seen each other since weeks so we had a lot to talk about. I told her about all the new passions I developed. How I became a groupie. She didn’t know what groupie meant. I told her and she said can I guess of who. I said yes. She said Elizabeth Gilbert? It could be, but it wasn’t. I told her about my increasing love of Seth Godin and Amanda Palmer. How i was loving them both! How I was looking forward to the concert of Amanda Palmer and loving her raw sharing, connecting, art and how it inspired me to be like her! And how I joined The Podcasting Fellowship of Seth Godin to find my voice, to tell stories, to connect. I told her how i was yearning to create art, to bring out something imperfect to life and then do more do better.

She told me about her holiday, about feeling of family. We discussed the struggle of making a living. We exchanged ideas. We listened. It felt great to reconnect.

Then I went to the meeting.

It was a special one with a workshop about evaluations. One of our members who was the European champion of evaluation speech at Toastmasters told us how to make an award winning evaluation. He

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