October 7, 2019

I sat down and worked for hours, I feel my capacity to stay focused has increased. 

I spent the first hours of my day writing down what was important for me to accomplish this week. 

Then I started from the most important chunk on my list.

And I stayed there. Because the chunk was huge.

I had a slight stress because I could not finish this big chunk and move to the next.

But that was the point of starting from the most important. You don’t sacrifice what is most imp0rtant to what is urgent.


Two things I want to share with you today. First this beautiful talk before the meditation by Susan Piver: https://susanpiver.com/video/working-with-anger/

She shared the importance of feeling bad and having a full human experience. She made a distinction between spiritual wisdom and the new age bullshit saying new agy things focus on your personal happiness and success whereas spiritual wisdom is about the happiness and success of all through your happiness. You can influence happiness of others through trying not to harm others. 

I realized that I had made a promise to myself. I would never do anything that has the intention to deceive others, manipulate others or to harm others. Suffering arises when I feel I am not meeting my standards. When I do not speak up or when I say it is okay when it wasn’t, then I am not telling the truth and I am not being courageus. I am not setting the right example. I am harming others. 

In BeCoach Academy, we shared a post about courage:

We need courage to say someone “I love you” or “I am sorry”.To quit a job which does’t bring fulfilment. To say goodbye to relationships with no meaning. To find courage is not easy, but you did it before and you will find the way to do it again!”.

I see courage as one of the most important qualities in life. Courage for me means to stand up, to say something that might not be what others say or think, which might be seen as weird. Courage is to set your boundaries, to say no to things that cross these boundaries, to say “Yes!” to projects, relationships, activities that might be scary but that matter. Courage is to say “I feel angry”, courage is to say “I need to feel appreciated”, courage is to say “I am sorry, I messed up”. It is courage to start again, to pick up wherever you left, right now, from where you stand. Courage is to let go of the need to control, to feel powerful, to be prepared. Courage is to open your heart and show what is there. Courage is to be confusingly, profoundly, completely human.

And where does the courage come from?

For me knowing that what I am doing will contribute to me and to us all.

Where does your courage come from?

About the author 

Isil Uysal Calvelli

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