Bring Meditation to Your Life

You have probably heard me speak about meditation many times in my podcast - I even had an episode entirely about it. I love how meditation creates a space where everything can exist without any push and pull and through this calm existence we start noticing more of who we are and how our world is.

That is the reason why being your unique self and living your unique life go hand in hand with meditation. Meditation becomes your practice of self-discovery, your practice of being fully alive - in this moment, and in this, and in this...

I have a deep heart-connection to meditation. My reason to start meditation was to be more aware of my happiness as I had been focusing on my sadness most of the time. But meditation gave me so much more than that.

Meditation helped me to get in touch with the space, free from emotions and thoughts, it trained me to let go, it opened my sense perceptions and made my sense experiences more vivid, it trained my muscle of discipline, it opened my heart, it worked my patience, it trained me to choose to be confident that I can be with whatever arises, it made me appreciate every life experience.

Would you like to bring meditation to your life?

I hope you do. And if you'd like, I want to support you with that. I developed a program so that you can create your meditation habit before the year ends. I don't want this to be a new year's resolution. There is no time to be wasted to live fully, we can do it now.

If you are interested in the program, please join me in the two info session:

Looking forward to seeing you at the info session!

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