March 5, 2019

At 5 am, I woke up by heavy footsteps. Fabio was walking around through rooms with his loud footsteps. I checked the time, it was indeed 5 am. He was looking for something: his water bottle! Breath in, breath out.

He shouted from the other room “I found it”. Soon after water sounds filled the air. Liters and liters of water flowing. In the country I came from we were raised being cautious about the usage of water, thou shall not waste it! But there he was wasting it. He was chopping something, tock tock tock tock tock heavy ponding of the knife to the cutterboard. Breath in breath out.

Soon the musical was enriched with a joyful player: the smothie maker. Was it mixing vegetables or digging the earth? It is 5:30 for gods sake! Breath in breath out.

I got up to get my headphones from my office and went back to bed. But thanks god he was done with the musical by then so I did not put it on. I wanted to go back to sleep but all the lights were on, shining bright on my face. It was too early to be on stage!

I said  Fabio it is too early for all the noise and the light! He said you are right, but I can’t talk about it now. He was in a hurry to his new karate lessons which starts at 7 am sharp. 

I said okay. I did not get angry! I did not escalate. I just took a deep breath in and breathed out.

And I did sleep after he left.

I think meditation is working ladies and gentlemen!

About the author 

Isil Uysal Calvelli

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