November 9, 2019

Things take time. And it is okay that way.
Yesterday I spent some hours on editing, publishing my podcast and writing the blogpost. I was wondering if that was normal to spend so much time on it. I had a call with one of the experienced podcasters and he said it is the same for him. Things take time. To produce work and to ship takes time. That’s why few people do it.

I am developing patience and dedication and grit with my work. I did not have to. It is uncomfortable. That’s why it takes my attention. But I know it is important. That’s why I keep on doing it.

And by the way the newest episode is online. It is with Ineke Vermeulen about ongoing ever changing career journeys:

I am thankful that i learned a beautiful lesson.

Most of the time I am able to drop the story.

Yesterday I received a message from someone I offered help with tons of directions about how to help. I felt my stomach getting tense, my arms getting stiffer, I could feel my neck getting harder.

While I was about to say “How annoying…” I noticed: Ah! I said. Story! Drop the story my love! How do you feel? I feel my stomach, my arms, my neck. All right. Stay with this feeling… And in no time the feeling disappeared.

This is amazing.

I am grateful

Yesterday I listened to a podcast (in Turkish: where a series Scriptwriter was sharing what makes a great character in a series.

People would only watch the characters with the following characteristics:

* Having passion
* Having a way of earning money
* A conflict that stops her from getting to her passion

He said we only watch passionate people. It doesn’t matter what the passion is. It could be collecting stamps, it could be a love relationship, it could be work. But we need passion to be interested.

He added that viewers want to know how the character earn her living. This is a very key information about the values of the character. We understand if he is a good guy, bad guy or what kind of guy he is.

And the juicy part is the tension, the challenge, the barrier to the passion.

I thought this is exactly the same in life! Interesting people, people we admire, people we can relate to are people who have passions, who we feel they earn money in a desirable way and we cheer them or connect with them through their journey of overcoming barriers.

We all can have livelier by following our dreams and being open about it. That enables deeper connection and enhanced livelihood for all of us.

For the future I want to invest more time thanking people for their work and passing on the knowledge of opportunities to people who might benefit from it. I realise Twitter is a great platform for that. I want to experiment with using it. I will report how it feels.

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