Let's bring energy to your event so your attendees can see and shine their own light!

“She is inspiring, motivating, energizing!”

- A participant from Isil's workshop -

Hi! My name is Işıl!

I believe that we are all unique and we are here in this world to make a unique contribution only we can make. This unique contribution is what I call “work”.  Our contribution comes from becoming fully ourselves, and this becoming is an ongoing process.  Every challenge we face is an invitation to this becoming.

When we become fully ourselves, we shine from inside out, touch others, organisations and our world with our energy. This is our unique contribution! And I speak to inspire you to get in touch with your full self!

Işıl's Speech Topics


Stop Looking for the Work You Love - Get In The Process of Aligning Who You Are with What You Do

Doing work you love is a process, so is getting to know yourself. Are you unfulfilled in your career? Congratulations! You've got an invitation to this precious process!


The joy of being an adult - and how to be one.

When does one become an adult? Most of us, never. Being an adult is a great source of ease in life. But it doesn't come with age. It is learned.  


You are needed in this world

Every single individual in this world has a great purpose and potential. Acknowledging this potential changes your life and life of others.


Take the invite, enjoy the ride

You are presented with many invitations to experience the magic of life. Time to see the invitations and be the person who takes the invitations so you can enjoy the ride.

Watch me speak

You can watch some of my speeches on my YouTube Channel.

Not to survive - A Talk about the shortcuts of our brain that do not always do us a service and what to do about them
The Lightness of being an Adult - How to acknowledge the voices of your saboteurs and grow your adult
Letting go - A story of control and exercising letting go for a lighter life
Q & A Session about how my mind operates, positivity and negativity 

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