Living True to Yourself with Janet M. Harvey

My podcast is celebrating its 50th episode. Well, I am celebrating it - it cannot celebrate or can it?

Anyway, as it is an important milestone, I asked someone very important to join me: Janet M. Harvey. I call her my heart's mentor. Meeting her was like love at first sight for me. (I am telling more about it in the podcast).

If you'd like, you can also watch our conversation - we had it as LinkedIn Live. (Follow me on LinkedIn for more live content)

I am so inspired

It is always inspiring to be with Janet. Her presence shine a bright light and her words always touch my heart and awaken my mind.

This conversation was no exception.

I was especially struck by the phrase "applying yourself".

"But when I was really clear about what I wanted and what I was good at and applied myself that way, I could excel beyond anybody's expectations...."
" much of our growing into adult responsibility is you must apply yourself."

(You can see the full transcript on

When I apply myself, what I call "self" becomes a resource. It is something that I can choose and shape based on what I want. Even though I can't fully know what the end result of my endeavour would be (though I know what I want it to be), I can fully know my own contribution to it. I have full autonomy over it.  We usually look for a sense of control - this feels like control and freedom at the same time. 

What it is that waits for you to apply yourself right now?

Or rather, let's finish with the question "What obstacle today will you remove so you can live fully potent?"



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