Align who you are with what you do and shine from inside out!

Hi! My name is Işıl!

I believe that we are all unique and we are here in this world to make a unique contribution only we can make.

This unique contribution is what I call “work”.  Our contribution comes from becoming fully ourselves, and this becoming is an ongoing process.  Every challenge we face is an invitation to this becoming.

If you feel not quite fulfilled in your career, ding dong! You've got a message! I as your coach will be your partner to decipher this message, see your destination and plan your journey to go there. 

Işıl's Career Story

After 12 years, I lost meaning in the work I was doing. I knew I needed to change my direction, but I didn’t know where. So I started a soul searching, I attended lots of workshops, read books and finally could connect who I was with what I could do - a long lost idea from the past came to my aid. I knew I was creative, I knew that I wanted to work with people and create value, I knew I could listen deeply, communicate effectively and create trust. What could be my new profession? Coaching! I had taken coaching years before and had a moment during the session when I said to myself “You know, I think I can do it well and I would enjoy it!”.  Years later, the challenging time I had in my career reconnected me with coaching and I put myself on this path.

Işıl's Coaching 

I hold an ACC credential from International Coach Federation. I have coached more than 50 clients from all over the world in 3 languages (Turkish, English and German). Additionally, I am the co-founder of BeCoach Academy and have trained numerous coaches.

 My coaching style is creative, explorative and unique. 

I will be be a stethoscope to your heart-mind, and co-alchemist to your wonderful talents, strengths and the way you see the world. I will listen to you deeply, ask you questions you’ve probably never asked yourself, challenge you to see, think and do differently.

We will get creative, we will be brave, we will be open. I will share with you all the gifts that I see and every bit of your unique self that is revealing itself in the moment.

Our work will feel like a conversation but it will always be entered around your goal and oriented towards action. You will be actively becoming who you are called to become.

3. More about Işıl

My work experience includes project management, product management, digitalization and customer experience in the financial sector in Turkey and Germany. I am passionate about supporting individuals bring meaning, creativity and energy to their work and redefine their roles, or transition to new roles that align with who they want to become. I personally am also in the continuous process of becoming which I share through my writing and speaking

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