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One day I was sad, really really sad. I thought about what once excited me. Stories! I loved stories, stories of people: people with different backgrounds, different values, different tastes in life. I loved hearing stories, writing stories, telling stories. I was also good seeing what stories were out there to be lived by the people I met. I loved supporting people create new powerful stories. 

Then it hit me. This sadness was a story I was telling myself without being aware. But it was a short chapter in my big story. What were the new stories that were awaiting me? How would I write them? That gave me hope, that made me curious. (Curiosity is an important characteristic of mine, which went to bed at that time).  I decided to deliberately write these stories, to keep myself curious, to share what I learn with the others, to have a tiny contribution in others’ stories. That’s why this blog started (today as of 3rd of February). I will be open, I will be honest, I will be dedicated. I will write every single day. (I will  make mistakes, and that’s okay) Today is February 3rd, 2019 Sunday. It is 17:48 in Munich, Germany. It is my 13.080th day on earth (calculated here) and first of 23.080 days left (if I live up to 99). So here we go!


—Update 05.09. 19 . I was not dedicated, I did not write every single day, in fact for a long time I stopped writing completely. Then I started again. I am now again on writing every day quest. I recalculated my number of days left on earth 17 days ago and it was 19.598 days. (this time I calculated as 90 years because I will write till I am 90 and reconsider what I want to do with writing again at that point, no commitments there)

I recently got super inspired by Amanda Palmer. I have been following Seth Godin and Susan Piver for some time and something that i learned from them is to remember about us. So what I write is not my stories. They are of course mine but they are also yours. My wish is that you can feel yourself through my life and my feelings and give yourself the permission to live them and share them. We are in this life together and what we have and who we are is too beautiful to hide. It is actually poison to hide. We heal, we thrive when we share. So this is my invitation to you to share who you are. I make the first step, please join me.


Apart from writing, I do coaching (see Younich – I also write there), teach coaching (see BeCoach Academy), speak and ask questions (you can listen to the podcast very soon). 

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