June 16




I'm sorry!

You've heard this word many times from me before, because I always took a lot of time to send an email to or I stopped sending an email, all together.

And this time, I had the longest period of time since I last communicated with you. I checked, it was December 2020!

I'm sorry, and I will make it up to you!

I am back with my power, because my power is your power.

I am going to write to you every week from now on.

Why have I stopped so long?

Well, I found myself in a place of chaos, I found that I was running behind everything and I was also running after things to do.

And in this point, there is no joy. There is no sense of accomplishment or there is no sense of expansion of being with, and being who I am.

So, instead of continuing what felt was wrong, I decided to pause and reflect.

And in this reflection I found that I was living in this vicious cycle that continued to perpetuate itself.

In this cycle, there was no generosity, no creativity, no spaciousness, no inspiration.

That more-than-six-months-pause allowed me to look deeper into myself and what I wanted. It also allowed me to reflect on what was the expansion that I was needed.

When I looked into who I was and what I wanted -and I need to thank my meditation practice for this- I have recognised that it's about this person I have been since I was a little child: the one that wants to shine, the one that wants to feel everything life offers and transform it into self expression, into speech, into dance. The manifestation of this, for me, is being a writer and speaker.

I love my coaching work. And I know the power of coaching. I want to continue also supporting the world with who I am, which is the person that expresses herself, which is writing and speaking.

This time, of course, I decided that I am going to pursue this course. I actually have written a book, and I took the first action to become a professional speaker: I signed up to be a speaker at a conference.

The book is going to come in the beginning of autumn, in mid September, and I'm going to let you know about it. I am working with an editor now, and it's getting ready.

The speech I will deliver is also in the direction of the book because in the pause I had, I have reflected on my message, which is what I'm sharing with you, and I'm going to continue to share with you:

We are here in this world to shine our own light, to bring our uniqueness in the service of ourselves and others. And this - bringing our uniqueness in the service- is the work we do.

It starts with understanding who we are and then creating the work, or finding the work that enables us to be who we are but at the same time give from who we are. And this is loving our work as well, because when we love our work, we are energised and our energy energises others and the world. We inspire others with our energy. That's my message, and the way that I met this message was through my own unfulfilment at work.

Being unfulfilled at work reminded me how important it was to do the work you love, which is aligned with who you are. So that's what my book is about, it's about the journey of self discovery and life energy that comes through being unfulfilled at work. And the title is going to be The Gift of Being Unfulfilled at Work, which is also the title of my speech that I'm going to deliver in the conference.

I want to share with you all that I know, I have experienced and all that I want you to experience too.

And I would like to invite you to my speech, that's going to happen this Saturday, 19.06.21 at 4pm Munich time at Sticks & Stones Career Fair, you can get regular tickets for free.

Will you be there?

Knowing that you will be there will make me extra happy so please write to me when you get your tickets or if you have any questions.

You will read from me next week.

Take very good care of yourself and shine your bright light, because you are unique.

Sending you all the love from Munich!



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