Is it time to do something about your unfulfillment at work?

You have been thinking to change your job for a long time now, but cannot take a step because you don't know what to do.

Your sadness at work is so strong that you can't get much done at work.

At home you try to fill your emotional tank with snacks and until-the-morning-Netflixing.

You judge yourself for your bad habits and for not having done anything to find a new job.

And nobody can help you because nobody really understands why you feel this way. Your family and friends think you have a well- paying job with good conditions and they suggest you to do your work and then come home and relax.

You feel alone, you feel stuck.

Is this you?

If yes...

I want to congratulate you!

You might be asking, WHAT!?! You congratulate on this terrible feeling?

Yes, I do. Because I know this is the beginning of a your LifeWork journey which will help you discover who you really are and who you are destined to become. 

I want to support you get unstuck and start taking action towards becoming the powerful YOU and doing WORK YOU LOVE.

My Name is Işıl Uysal Calvelli

and I am a LifeWork Coach

I help people transform unfulfillment at work into self-discovery and life energy. I am also the writer of the upcoming book The Gift of Being Unfulfilled at Work.

My Unfulfillment  at Work changed everything for me

As you can see, I am all about Unfulfillment at Work because this has been the source of my transformation, my finding and loving who I really am and everything and everyone else as they are, and what ignited my life energy.

I was the good student who wanted to help people and have creativity in her life. But my adopted need for certainty rushed me to make a wrong career choice for my first job which led me to full depression. I learned my lesson and made a wiser choice and had an okayish life until the next depression hit me - this time in a foreign country, in my 30s and with full blown fear. I felt it was unsolvable. But I was to find out that there was nothing to solve but to experience. I experienced the fear, I experienced the uncertainty, but I also experienced something bigger: Becoming the person who I wanted to become. I have become more self-aware, more patient, more confident, more courageous, more compassionate, more assertive, more disciplined, more connected and more free. Becoming and doing went hand in hand. I become an accredited coach, created my personal coaching business, co-founded an academy, started my own podcast, become an award winning speaker,  trained as a meditation teacher, wrote a book. I feel grateful, I feel fully alive, I feel excited about the future.

I know how it feels to feel stuck in a job where you feel unfulfilled, because I've been there. Now I want to support you to release yourself from what keeps you stuck and create the work you love.


In Ignite Your LifeWork program,  you will shift from stuck to creating, from unfulfilled to energized, from not knowing to discovering.

You will free yourself from your old patterns that keep you stuck by developing a new awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and inner desires. You will learn to create the work you love by clarifying your inner compass, increasing your self-confidence and developing the skills of assertion, compassion and courage.

Here is What is Included

Ignite Your LifeWork is a blend of transmission of knowledge and experience in live online workshops, learning by reflection and inspiration, in group coaching individual coaching, worksheets and tools.

In our 7-Week programme, we will be passing through the following steps

Week 1 - Turning Your Unfulfillment into your Unique Wisdom

Training + Group Coaching
You will understand what your unfulfillment is telling you about who you are and develop ways to bring this learning into practice.

Week 2 - Defining Your Personal Compass

Individual Coaching
You will clarify your own compass for a fulfilling work and life through an individual coaching session with me.

Week 3 - Developing Most Vital Skills for The Journey of Doing Work You Love

Training + Group Coaching
You will learn the practice that helps you develop your muscle of being with your emotions, patience, discipline, confidence and letting go a.k.a. Meditation

Week 4 - How to Find the Work You Love

Training + Group Coaching
You will learn the tools to support you find the work you love and how to put them into motion.

Week 5 - Develop Your Action Plan

Individual Coaching
You will develop your personal plan for consistent action that will carry you towards the work you love through your individual coaching session with me.

Week 6 - Setting Yourself Up for Success

Training + Group Coaching

You will gain awareness on potential obstacles that might hinder your journey and develop strategies for ensuring your continuous progress.

Week 7 - Initiation of Your Journey

Training + Group Coaching

You will reflect on who you have become and who you choose to become moving forward. You will learn the next steps to stay motivated and in rhythm in your continuous journey.

Days & Times

Each week starts on Sunday (CET 17:00 - 19:00) with live online training and continues on Wednesday (CET 17:00 - 19:00) with group coaching.  


The trainings will be recorded and sent to you immediately after the session is over. But please make the best effort to be there live if you can because most effective learning, in my experience, happens through transmission - through your presence. The group sessions on Wednesdays are for you to work with your group so you hear each other, feel the inspiration and motivation through your own reflection but also through your connection to your group.

Individual Coaching Session Weeks

In Week 2 and Week 5 you will have a 90 minute individual session with me, which you can book according to your availability.

How does that sound?

“It made me feel more confident and more sure of where I want to go.”

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" Our sessions really helped me to lay out the path where I can go, so that now I feel more confident about where I'm headed now for this chapter. "

Celina Uhl
- Social Entrepreneur and Founder of ModernWomenRethink

I want to support your journey in the best way, therefore when you join the programme you will also access the following bonuses:

The Book " The Gift of Being Unfulfilled at Work - Your Journey to Self-Discovery and Life Energy" - your exclusive edition before it hits the market to inspire you on your journey

12 Weeks Group Meditation Practice
In this programme you will learn meditation, which will be your practice for being with your emotions, patience, discipline, confidence and letting go. Meditation practice takes root the longer and consistent you practice it and your biggest fuel is your community. I will hold the space for 12 weeks for us to practice meditation together.

3 Months Mastermind
Once you finish the Ignite Your LifeWork programme, you will start implementing your action steps, gaining new awareness and new experience. Some of these experiences will be successes, some challenges... You will not be alone in these challenges, your group and I will be there to support you as your mastermind for the next 3 months.

“The moment I started my coaching sessions, there was a thorough change happening in both my personal and professional life. I was having extreme discomfort and was not able to understand what was the cause of this and how I could come over it. During the sessions, first I realised and accepted all my negative feelings and discomfort. Then questioning my feelings and their root causes, I came across to the reality that it was my work that caused so much anxiety at me. It was challenging and tiring sometimes, because the truth is not always pleasant but you have to learn, to accept and to move forward. With Isil's facilitation, I was able to rebuild my professional and personal pillars. I am grateful to have these sessions with her and look forward to implementing what I learned from this process throughout all my life.”.

Ashal Y. 
- Director, Product Development

“Before the sessions I was wavering about career path. During our sessions I was driven to explore my own thoughts in more detail. Working with Isil I achieved clarity as the current path I'm on is the correct one for me. Isil’s coaching style is engaging which Lets me to self discover, as if having an honest conversation with myself."

Dr. Tarik B. 
- Research Scientist

“I was living some anxiety moments and having doubts about starting my company. Isil and I engaged into deep conversations and I felt comfortable to open myself to her. She had good questions and was able to discern my difficulties. She guide me in pragmatic ways on how I could observe life's moments from a different angle. Very effective! Right after, I felt empowered and lighter. The coaching gave me tools and reflexions that I could use on a daily basis. What blew me away, was the clarity that I gained. I now know how to deal with emotional flows when they come. Instead of re-acting I can be proactive. That takes a lot of weight off of my shoulder. Isil’s coaching style is effective and powerful. I felt confident and fully understood. She left me the space to present myself and my believes.”.

Annie Lebrun
- Entrepreneur

As a result of Ignite Your LifeWork Program:

  • You will get unstuck and find a new energy and aliveness in you that will provide you with new ideas and action steps towards work you love
  • You will stop tolerating what does not serve you and start changing it with the knowledge of your your values and unique gifts.
  • You will transform vicious emotional cycles into spaces of wisdom through your meditation practice so your actions come from your own wisdom rather than fight, flight responses.
  • You will have confidence in your self and in the future
  • You will start taking steps that "feels" scary with the support of your coach and your mastermind group.

Are you ready to invest in the wonderful powerful person you are called to become through your LifeWork?

P.S.: If you have any questions, write to and we'll talk!

Copyright - Isil Uysal Calvelli