2021 Reviewed

This is the episode where I reviewed my 2021.

I also recorded this episode as video, which you can watch here.

Episode Notes

If you want to be aware of your days passing by, I highly recommend you print this visual from The New Happy. If you are on Instagram, you should also follow their account, they have lots of wonderful visuals.

I mentioned my love for textures and clothes and how I fell in love with the work of the Turkish designer Ümit Ünal. You can see his designs on his store's Instagram account.

I am grateful to my meditation teacher Susan Piver, who is the founder of Open Heart project. Through her I became a meditation instructor last year and also through her I discovered Christine Kane, with whom I fell in love with last year. I loved her audiobook Soul Sourced Entrepreneur.  

Through Christine Kane I discovered another book I loved last year: Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. Wonderful book about writing. It is so fun, such a joyful read.

Of course, I recommend my heart's mentor coach Janet M. Harvey's book Invite Change. Thought provoking.

I decided that I will bring some order to my chaos this year and one important read was 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson.  I also recorded videos with my learnings from each chapter.

A very interesting book - a spiritual one I read was On Becoming an Alchemist by Catherine MacCoun.

An important book about emotions that I loved and quoted in my book is from Susan David and is called Emotional Agility

Another book to learn to organize my chaos was The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

An unforgettable audiobook experience was listening to Untamed by Glennon Doyle. It is so human, so fun, so intimate, so real.

My rebellion about coaching brought me to The Book of Est by Luke Rhinehart. I adviced this book to anyone who is interested in personal development.

An interesting book about body-weight was Inner Selves: The Feminine Path to Weight Loss by Ph.D. Janet Cunningham which I read some sentences from in this episode.

I hope you enjoyed this episode. Talk to you in the next episode!


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